A potter at the JOHN JULIAN workshop preparing the clay


John Julian is a pottery studio and workshop based in rural Wiltshire, U.K.

The workshop was set up by sculptor and designer Julian Sainsbury in 2013 after he became disheartened with the restrictions of conventional mass manufacturing. We produce handmade luxury tableware, serveware and kitchenware, made in small batches by skilled potters.

Every piece we make, whether it is a plate, bowl or pestle and mortar, is shaped from raw clay with care and craftsmanship, leaving an imprint that only hand crafted pieces can have. They hold a story of tradition and skill and bring craftsmanship to your table.


Julian first established his studio in late 2000. Coming from a background as a successful sculptor, he was able to combine classical influences with a pared-back utilitarian style to create sculptural, functional objects. Julian soon became known for his iconic pestle and mortars which are popular with leading chefs and cooks including Nigel Slater and Nigella Lawson. To find out more about Julian’s journey read his article in our Journal >

In 2013, after becoming frustrated with the restrictions that using other manufacturers created, Julian set up the John Julian workshop in rural Wiltshire. We now employ a small team of extremely skilled makers and each piece is hand crafted using traditional techniques.


All our pieces are made by hand by our small skilled team and are designed to last a lifetime.


We make, glaze, fire, pack and dispatch all of our pieces from our workshop and studio in rural Wiltshire.


We produce our ceramics in two different ways. Some are made by hand on a jolley machine, while others are hand thrown on a potter’s wheel.

To find out more about how we make our pieces visit our Journal. We often post videos and short clips on our social media channels of our making processes too.

Caring for our planet and limiting our environmental impact is something that Julian is incredibly passionate about and we are always seeking ways to improve our practices. John Julian is a member of the British Ceramic Confederation and Julian is a part of the Energy and Emissions Group which is working towards net zero emissions by 2050. We consider our environmental impact at every turn. To find out more about how we are minimising our impact, visit our Journal >