Meet the Maker: Sarah Venus

Meet the Maker: Sarah Venus

From the charms of the Wiltshire Countryside to the picturesque North Yorkshire Coast, John Julian and Sarah Venus have come together with a limited-edition collection.


It was in early 2021 John Julian and Sarah first came together through a commission for House and Garden Magazine. The relationship and design naturally developed from there, with Sarah sharing Julian’s appreciation of proportion and form when it comes to design.

Julian knew this would make the perfect partnership. ‘Folk art has always been of interest to me. I could really see this in Sarah’s work. It was wonderful to see the contemporary twist she put on the design. It was important we kept the authenticity of the lino print which we were able to do using our rubber stamp. The quality and finish is extremely similar’.

Sarah took inspiration for the collaboration from shapes she could see in her studio surroundings, natural forms creating the shape of the face and smooth lines like that of a vase. She could see the vase as the body, and flowers forming the head which is where her design was born. The perfect illustration to add something special whilst keeping the purity of the piece.

I’ve always appreciated natural forms and the interaction of elements’, Sarah explains. ‘It is where I take a lot of my inspiration from. Developing something beautiful, whilst doing justice to the original shape and form. I grew up surrounded by creativity, it was in my blood. Both my mother and father illustrated and did print making so it was natural for me to pick up a pen and draw and develop my love for lino’.




Each piece is hand stamped making it individual.

Made up of the Classical mugClassical side plate and Flat bowl each piece is shaped from clay with care and craftsmanship. Staying sympathetic to the original lino cut design Sarah created, a rubber stamp was prepared digitally to give a similar result. Once the clay firms up, ceramic ink is applied to the stamp and carefully stamped by hand on to each piece, making each one individual. Once fully dried, they are glazed ready to enter the kiln. 

Each of these special limited edition pieces comes in a gift box with an authentication card for the recipient to keep.





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